Employee Loyalty

Organizations with well designed employee recognition programs are
12 times more likely to have excellent business outcomes

Employee Loyalty program is an efficient and cost effective tool HR managers use to make working hours more joyful and productive at the same time.
Employee loyalty program helps an organization to attain its tactical as well as operational goals by maximizing employee engagement. Rewarding employees in a suitable format motivates them to bring more referrals, improves their involvement in work and office activities.

Day to Day

  • Attendance
  • Team Work
  • Participation
  • Peer Review

Task/Skill Oriented

  • On time Task completion
  • Service Quality
  • Suggestions/Ideas

Role based

  • New Sales
  • Up-Sell
  • Sales Targets
  • Safety Goals

General HR

  • Training/Certification
  • Compliance
  • Wellness

Why Employee Loyalty

  • Employee Loyalty Programs are lot more effective than traditional incentive schemes which are based merely on periodic / yearly performance and reviews.
  • An employee loyalty program is designed with continuous and on-the-spot appreciation for employee response and actions.
  • Reward points can be awarded by managers, HR, Peers and other authorized personals.
  • Point can be awarded for a wide range of positive outcomes from employee side - namely, wellness, safety, compliance, attendance, task completion, training, ideas and lot more. It is scientifically proven that an employee feel more appreciated and motivated after performing an award worthy action. Installing an employee reward scheme can bring out a positive work environment where peers recognize a fellow employee for going above and beyond in his task.
  • Employees can be given multiple options to redeem their loyalty points like cash payment, debit card/gift cards, merchandise, travel, exclusive club memberships and much more
  • The data collected through an employee loyalty program can help management identify the top talent in the organization; it can also be utilized to gauge the level of team work

Employee Rewards Program

Reward Points Redemption

The success of employee rewards program is dependent on type of rewards employees can redeem.

One Loyalty provides the flexibility to tie several types of rewards to points earned by employees.

Employee Rewards Program


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