Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty is the outcome of customer satisfaction. One Loyalty gives the cognizance of your customers and reaches them the right offers!

Why Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is the core of any customer centric function, and illustrates the loyalty built between the customer, organisation, persons, products or brands. Customer loyalty is the key determinant of happy customers and thus the organisation’s success.

The greatest value from a Customer Loyalty Program is its ability to retain existing customers. Industry leaders regard it as the most cost efficient marketing tool to retain existing and returning customers and run, apart from running highly effective marketing initiatives to select customers based on their individual purchase pattern / behavior.

Customer Loyalty Retention

Customer Retention and Acquisition

A loyalty program provides a practical and compelling reason for continuous buying which in turn enables customer intelligence. A new customer acquisition can take up to 5x time and effort / money than retain and sustain an existing customer. Also, acquire new customers through powerful and incentivising loyalty programs that aptly fits their lifestyle and aspirations.

Customer Acquisition

Prevent Customer Churn

3 out 5 customers are willing to give up a former/favorite brand for a new one with better service and shopping experience. Constantly differentiatefrom your competition through better customer understanding and follow up action.

Customer Intelligence

Customer Intelligence

Understand customers through data. Identify the best customers and their preferences. Ability to swiftly act on customer data through actions directly impacts the "most loyal" customers positively.

Customer Loyalty Profits

Higher Profits

Reduction in customer churn can have major impact on profitability. Reduction by 5% may lead up to 125% profit increase.

Target Customer Marketing

Targeted Marketing

Move beyond day to day transactions. Monitor,reinforce and reward customer behavior. Build marketing campaigns/promotions that arein sync with customer expectations.

Customer Loyalty BottomLine

Bottom Line -

Jump in visits per customer, spend per visit and higher frequency of purchases. Lift in product targetedsales, improve sales velocity and basket size.

Customer Loyalty

Increase Revenue

  • Targeted Marketing

    Move beyond day-to-day transactions. Monitor, reinforce and reward

  • Tag Promotions to customer behavior

    Product specific sales, Sell lower selling items through special incentives, bonus points during slow periods

  • Differentiate over Competition

    Reduce customer churn to increase profits

One Loyalty Customer Loyalty
  • Retain Customers

    Retaining an existing customer is easier than finding a new one

  • Increase Frequency /Spend

    Increase foot-fall/visits, frequency of purchase and improve average spend

  • Gain Customer Insight

    Understand your customer through data and analytics. Four Basic reasons how Retailers can benefit from Customer Loyalty Programs

Four Basic reasons how Retailers can benefit from Customer Loyalty Programs

New Customers

Spending of Existing

Increase Customer Visits

Shift to
Higher Value
Products (Brand Loyalty)

Customer Loyalty

Greatest value from a Loyalty Program is ability to identify individual customers
and to action based on individual behaviors.

Identify your loyal customers

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