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Is your business a best example for Customer Loyalty?

Make a compelling reason for your customers to come back to you for more. Engage & retain them in real-time and reward them for desired behaviour. Get powerful insights into consumer behaviour and preferences. Obtain the ability to swiftly act on customer expectations through actions that directly impact the most loyal customers. All this and more, with One Loyalty’s ‘Smart-Customer’ program, an Omni-Channel loyalty platform which enables seamless earning and redemption using web, app, social media, mobile phone and retail point of sale.

Why Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is the core of any customer centric function, and it illustrates the loyalty built between the customer, organisation, persons, products or brands. Customer loyalty is the key determinant of happy customers and through them it becomes a reason for organisation’s success.

The greatest value achieved from a Customer Loyalty Program is retention of existing customers. Industry leaders regard it as the most cost efficient marketing tool to retain existing and returning customers, apart from running highly effective marketing initiatives to select customers based on their individual purchase pattern / behaviour.

Customer Loyalty Retention

Customer Acquisition, Retention and Retargeting

A loyalty program provides a practical as well as compelling reason for continuous buying which in turn keeps customers more engaged and attached to a brand. A new customer acquisition can take up to 5 x times, effort and money than retaining an existing customer. At the same time, brands can acquire new customers through strategic and tailor made loyalty programs, retain them through exciting campaigns and programs and retarget them efficiently for higher sales and revenue.

Customer Acquisition

Prevent Customer Churn

Studies say 3 out of 5 customers are willing to give up a brand for a new one which provides consistent quality, timely service and a pleasant experience. Customers are always loyal to a positive emotional experience, physical attribute-based satisfaction and value delivery of a product or service.

Customer Intelligence

Insight Driven Engagements

We understand customers behaviour through their transactional and behavioural data. We draw insights from deep data analysis. We help you swiftly act upon the findings and deliver campaigns and communications which are highly relevant and action seeking.

Customer Loyalty Profits

Higher Revenues & ROI

Be it enticing customers to stay with you, energising your dealer and distribution channels or empowering influencers to perform better, One Loyalty ensures high involvement and commitment from your customers. Our hi-tech platform is ready for either plug-n-play or customisation, and produces great results and ROI over a defined term

Target Customer Marketing

Targeted Marketing

Monitor customer behaviour, then reinforce or reward accordingly. Build marketing campaigns/promotions that are in sync with customer expectations.

Customer Loyalty BottomLine

Bottom Line -

Sense the big hike in visits per customer, also feel improvement in spend per visit and higher frequency of purchases. There will be a level-up in product’s targeted sales for sure; improvement in sales velocity and basket size follows.

Customer Loyalty

Increase Revenue

  • Targeted Marketing

    Monitor, reinforce and reward customers groups based on their day-to-day engagement.

  • Product promotions to boost sales

    Product specific rewarding; Sell lower selling items with special incentives; bonus points rewarding during low-sales period

  • Differentiate over Competition

    Reduce customer churn to increase profits

One Loyalty Customer Loyalty
  • Retain Customers

    Retaining an existing customer is easier than finding a new one

  • Increase Frequency /Spend

    Increase foot-fall/visits, improves frequency of purchase and average customer spending

  • Gain Customer Insight

    Understand your customers better through redemption data and analytics.

Four most important retailer benefits from our customer loyalty programs:

New Customers

Spending of Existing

Customer retention
Increase in customer visits

More sales for higher
value products
(Brand loyalty improves)

Customer Loyalty

Greatest value from a Loyalty Program is its unique ability to identify
individual customers and take necessary actions based on individual behaviours.

Identify your loyal customers

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