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Connect with your key business influencers like Architects, Interior Designers, Carpenters, Masons, Contractors, Electricians, Mechanics, Plumbers and Technicians. Reward them for promoting your business and make them your brand champions.

Influencer Loyalty Program

OneLoyalty helps create customized rewards program to incentivize your key influencers to push your products to potential buyers in the target market

Maximize your sales and grow your market share by implementing a well-planned influencers program by reaching out to the right set of influencers for your products and brand. At OneLoyalty, we help you identify key influencers and engage them through a customized and engaging influencer Loyalty program that results in incremental sales and increased market share for your brand. We offer engagement programs, relationship-based rewards, and sales training for the influencers so that you can establish long-term relationships with them and, in turn, influence the buying decisions of your end customers. We engage the influencers on all available touchpoints such as mobile apps, web, SMS, and phone to reach out to them with our Influencer Loyalty program and reward them regularly to drive performance. Please get in touch with us today to design, develop and manage your Influencers Loyalty program.

Why Contractors/Referral Rewards Program

In some businesses, contractors/influencers exert a huge influence on a customer’s purchase decisions and their actions have an exponential impact in driving sales.Winning a few highly connected contractors/influencers can result in a chain reaction of purchases from their contacts. If you win these contractors/influencers you win the market.

Loyal contractors/influencers usually have a thorough knowledge about the products and their opinion, and not just that, their words or influence carries lot more weight than any other sales literature. A successful brand keeps customers close, but keeps their influencers closer with the right referral rewards. Connect with us to know more.

Contractor | Influencer Loyalty Program

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