Contractors/Referral Rewards Program

Reward loyal customers, contractors or similar Influencers for promoting your brand.

  • Referrals from contractors and similar influencers are plays a major role in sale conversions. Contractors play a big role in influencing the buying        decisions of the home owners, builders and other influencers associated with construction industry.

  • OneLoyalty's solution for contractor loyalty provides an automated system where each contractor receives a unique ID for oneself. The contractor can utilize this ID for his referrals or make purchases on behalf of his client.

    Reward points accumulated can be redeemed to buy products from selected stores, avail gift cards or win travel vouchers. And a lot of other kind of interesting redemption schemes are available too.

    By identification and tracking of best contractors and influencers in the circle, the marketing team can provide special incentives like exclusive club membership, trip to exotic locations, dinner vouchers at expensive restaurants, and lot more.

    Through rewards, brands that have adopted influencer loyalty programs create an incessant cycle of referrals. A team of loyal brand ambassadors are thus gathered and through them sales rise to levels beyond targets.

    Contractor | Influencer Loyalty Program

    Well structured program

    Conventional referral programs ran manually, but ours is well structured and automated software. Hence assure higher returns from lower spending.

    Contractor | Influencer Loyalty Program

    Hassle-free Communication

    Our portal provides information regarding points earned, transactions and other details in a single click. By using our software, brands can send promotional emails, SMS alerts that can engage your brand ambassadors.

    Contractor | Influencer Loyalty Program

    Analytics and Metrics

    Management portal of our software allows the marketing team to generate analytical reports that pictures top contractors, their purchase pattern, and other program related metrics like sales generated via promotions.

    Contractor | Influencer Loyalty Program

    Flexible Redemption

    Reward points can be redeemed through various flexible options like product catalogue, discount coupons, trip vouchers and many more.

    Contractor | Influencer Loyalty Program

    Product Promotions and Special rewards

    One Loyalty program tabulates contractor buying habits and identifies those products which drives sales and bring revenue. This allows companies to develop effective sale promotion strategies for products based on market intelligence, contractors to be targeted, and how to productively influence additional purchases in the future.

    Contractor | Influencer Loyalty Program

    Ease of Use

    Mobile Apps and customer-friendly interface allows contactor to make easily earn points through referrals.

    Why Contractors/Referral Rewards Program

    In some businesses, contractors/influencers exert a huge influence on a customer’s purchase decisions and their actions have an exponential impact in driving sales.Winning a few highly connected contractors/influencers can result in a chain reaction of purchases from their contacts. If you win these contractors/influencers you win the market.

    Loyal contractors/influencers usually have a thorough knowledge about the products and their opinion, and not just that, their words or influence carries lot more weight than any other sales literature. A successful brand keeps customers close, but keeps their influencers closer with the right referral rewards. Connect with us to know more.

    Contractor | Influencer Loyalty Program

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