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The construction sector is unlike any other sector where the end buyer and the decision makers are different. Take for example wires and cables, electrical switches and sockets. These are ultimately bought by the homeowner. But the key influencer here will be the electrician.

Due to a long list of suppliers available at hand; the influencers i.e. your contractors, architects and builders are prone to going for the ones that they normally go for to eliminate any wastage of time. Hence, influencing these influencers will be a tough challenge.

One of the best ways to reach out to these influencers would be to implement a loyalty program for them, where they are given greater incentives to push your products. One Loyalty can you help you with this.

So give us a call or drop us an enquiry if you would like to know more on how implementing a loyalty program for the construction sector, can help you in your business towards profitability.

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You may be interested in knowing our other solutions such as channel engagement programs and contractor loyalty programs as well. Do take a look if it can help you in your business.

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