Coalition Loyalty Program

Coalition Loyalty program is ideally suited for group of businesses under ONE umbrella like a Mall, Chamber of commerce, trade association.

Coalition Loyalty is best suited for group of businesses that want to come together to have a common rewards program. Best fit for Coalition Loyalty can be a Mall, Chamber of commerce, trade/business associations. Customers earn points when they purchase products at any of the participating merchants. Accumulated points can be used to redeem at participating merchants or gift cards are sent to the loyal customers.

Businesses in Malls are seeing a decline in foot traffic and common rewards program within a Mall can help provide incentive and motivation to shop at a Mall. Once several customers signup for the Mall loyalty program, special promotions, events can be communicated to the participants. Reward tiers can be created based on the total purchase amount and membership to exclusive clubs, invitation to special events can be sent.

For Chamber of commerce or Trade associations, a common rewards program is great mechanism to bring the members together for a common purpose. It will be a great benefit and incentive for the members to be part of the group.

Coalition Loyalty Program

One Card -Many Merchants

Allow multiple merchants to participate in a common loyalty program. Points can be accumulated for purchases with any merchant within the group.

Coalition Loyalty Program

Online Portal / Mobile App

Customers can access an online portal or Mobile App to view points earned, earn points at participating merchants, redeem points, get alerts on special promotions and deals.

Coalition Loyalty Program

Shoppers Database

A rich database of Mall shoppers can be used by participating retailers for special promotions, newsletters, daily deal announcements, etc., In a trade association or chamber of commerce having a database of customers with intelligent analytics can help in sales growth of participating merchants.

Coalition Loyalty Program

Flexible Redemption and Perks

Reward points can be redeemed through various flexible options like product catalog, discount coupons, exclusive specialty products. Similar to Airline loyalty programs customers can reach silver, gold or platinum status that can translate into special privileges like premier parking spots, club room access, special invitations to movie premiers etc.,

Coalition Loyalty Program

Shop Local Loyalty

One Loyalty program's coalition Loyalty can help establish a common loyalty program for all businesses within the community or trade association.

Coalition Loyalty Program

Ease of Use

Participants do not need to carry a loyalty card. Membership can be based on phone number or email address.

Why Coalition/Mall Loyalty Card

Coalition Loyalty is ideally suited for a Mall where all businesses in a Mall can benefit from One Mall card.

One Loyalty Coalition Loyalty Program
One Loyalty Coalition Loyalty Programs

Buy Local Community

One "Buy Local Card" for all local businesses can help customers accumulate points when shopping in any of the local businesses. Mobile App can help locate participating local business.

Chamber of Commerce

A common loyalty card for participating benefits of a chamber of commerce can help promote businesses within a community.

One Loyalty Chamber of Commerce
Coalition Loyalty Program India

Trade Associations

Business groups or associations can form a coalition of businesses that can float a common loyalty card across participating businesses. Ideal for hotels, restaruants, retail stores etc.,

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