A rewards program for channel partners /distributors is an essential tool to drive sales. Channel partners and distributors are usually have several competing products including your company's products.

So, a properly designed rewards program is a major game changer. Moreover unlike B2C incentive programs, B2B incentive programs has high potential since the loyalty earned is long term and can result in higher returns. According to market survey in B2B industry -

  • 75% of managers and sales people said rewards program plays a major influence in willingness to sell or purchase product from a vendor.
  • More than 80% felt that the ability to make money or get rewards from the supplier is a critical factor in decision making.
Channel Partner Loyalty Program

Beat the Competition

A B2B partner may have several vendors vying for their attention. A well designed rewards program can help you beat the competition for partner’s attention.

Channel Partner Loyalty Program

Segmentation and Targeted Communication

Partner reward data can act as bench mark for segmentation of partners into different tiers. Targeted communication based on this segmentation can be highly effective than one-size fits all communication.

Channel Partner Loyalty Program

Lower Cost and High Returns

The cost of managing and awarding B2B Loyalty programs is lower than B2C. The returns are lot higher.

Channel Partner Loyalty Program

Improved sales target Monitoring

Rewards can be set for specific sales targets and partners can be frequently alerted as to where they stand corresponding to these targets.

Channel Partner Loyalty Program

Analyze and Action

Analyze partner activity and get valuable analytics that can help you to effective action. Identify the best performers, weak markets, best or low selling products, etc., and take appropriate action.

Channel Partner Loyalty Program

Easier and Flexible Redemption

Provide various redemption options based on the diverse likes of your partners. Setup exclusive experience based rewards that can drive the desire and competition.

Why Channel Partner/B2B Loyalty

Channel Partner/B2B loyalty program can be seen as the key tool to generate higher value from your channel partner/B2B relationships. A B2B loyalty program supported by superior One Loyalty technology will give you an critical edge over competition. A portal where partners can view their points earned and benefits gained from the relationship is a major driver and motivating factor to sell your company’s products.

Moreover, with the data gathered from partner’s partnership rich analytics can be generated that can help management take right decisions and make continuous improvement to the Channel Patner/B2B Loyalty programs.


Channel Partner Loyalty Program

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