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Our focused mission is to offer Automotive Dealers, Customer & Technicians Rewards Program

The recent upheavals and struggling business in the automotive industry has led automobile dealers to focus on areas having bottom-line impact on sales and revenue. Loyalty programs are one such strategic focus that allows auto dealers to engage and reward customers for their continuous loyalty.

The One Loyalty platform helps in increasing customer engagement with your car dealership or company through loyalty programs and keeps them involved throughout the customer lifespan. Through our program, customers can earn exclusive reward points. The basis for rewards can be the amount they spend, referrals, periodic servicing at your business and much more. The flexibility of our technology helps you to offer a memorable and unique customer experience to keep them engaged with your company and increase their spending in future. The automotive rewards program allows you to repeatedly invite and consistently reward customers for doing business with your dealership. We help our automotive clients to get better insight into customer data for more enhanced customer relationship.

Benefits of One Loyalty’s Automotive Loyalty Program:
  • Automated and hassle-free processes related to customer loyalty program.
  • Easy customer registration and reward points management
  • Easy point redemption through Desktop application
  • Report Generation at the click of a button
  • Quick promotions through Email, SMS and Push notification functionalities
  • Encourages customer spending, repeat visits and positive referrals.

Give us a call or drop us an enquiry to know more about how our automotive loyalty programs for Automotives & its ancillaries can help your business not only reach your target but also build a happy and satisfied customer base.

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Do take your time and go through our channel engagement programs and employee loyalty programs as well.


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